To honour our football heroes of yesterday, today and tomorrow

British Columbia Pro Football Heroes...

Roy Dewalt
Norm Fieldgate
Mervyn Fernadez
Nick Hebeler
Joe Kapp
Al Wilson
Lui Passaglia
Willie Fleming
Jim Young
By Bailey

No. Player CFL Teams Years Games
#9 Roy Dewalt, QB BC Lions
BC Lions
#75 Norm Fieldgate, LB/DE BC Lions 1954-1967 223
#24 Mervyn Fernandez, WR BC Lions 1982-86, 1994 83
#58/99 Nick Hebeler, DE BC Lions 1979-85 86
#22 Joe Kapp, QB BC Lions
Calgary Stampeders
BC Lions
#52 Al Wilson, C/OG BC Lions 1972-86 233
#5 Lui Passaglia, K/P BC Lions 1976-2000 408
#15Willie Fleming, RB BC Lions 1959-66 124
#30 Jim Young, RB/WR BC Lions 1967-79 197
#38 By Bailey, FB/RB BC Lions 1954-64 158

Orange Helmet Pioneer Award Recipients

The BC Lions Pioneer Award celebrates the achievement of individuals who have been instrumental in the development and promotion of amateur football in BC. The recipients are committed to ensuring the prosperity of football in their communities by winning championships, building strong relationships, and building long-standing football clubs and programs. They have opened up opportunities for football in BC that would not be accessible to today’s youth without their tireless efforts.

Year Recipients
2006 Eric Hames, Frank Hindle,
Grant “Digger” MacLeod
2007 Harvey Sedgwick, Ken Smith
2008 Vancouver Blue Bombers 1947 Canadian Junior Football Champions
2009 Dan Doyle, Rob Mountford,
Maury Van Vliet
2010 Don Berger, Greg Kabat, Ken McKinnon, Denny Veitch
2011 Ron Docherty, Brant French, Arnold Nesdoly, Matt Phillips
2012 1982 Renfrew Trojans, Roy Gardiner, Roy Vollinger
2013 Hans Finken, John Hocking, Ed Murray
2014 Dave Easley, Terry Kehoe, Ranji Mattu, Peter Ohler
2015 Bill Cole, Brian Prentice, Paul Shortt
2016 Joe Connelly, Bill Kushnir, Bill Vance
2017 John Henry, Maury Mulhern, Jack Taska
2018 Tom Kudaba, Bill Quinter, Yeera Sami

Orange Helmet - Bob Ackles Lifetime Achievement Winners

The Bob Ackles Lifetime Achievement Award, presented at the annual Orange Helmet Awards Dinner, honours an individual who has been a trailblazer in advancing the sport of amateur football in BC and whose impact on the sport leaves a legacy that will be felt for generations.

Year Recipient
2004 Larry Reda
2005 Lorne Davies
2006 Lorne Cullen
2007 Ron White
2008 Frank Smith
2009 Bob Ackles
2010 Cal Murphy
2011 George Oswald
2012 Jack Armour
2013 Dr. Bill MacGregor
2014 Jerry Mulliss
2015 Joe Gluska
2016 Brian Olthuis
2017 Chris Beaton
2018 Denis Kelly

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British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame

Canadian Football Hall of Fame

Canadian Sports Hall of Fame

Year Inductee
1991 Annis Stukus
2002 Jim Young
2010 Bob Ackles
2011 Lui Passaglia

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